Our Story

Hello, We are COUCOU. Focusing on Pet Health.

Coucou is teamed up with a group of passionate and experienced veterinarians, biochemists and nutritionists who shared the same pet-loving spirit and dedication. We are working to promote wellbeing of pets living around us worldwide.With the help of state-of-the-art research and production facilities, and under the guidance of scientific pet food manufacturing. We are proud to be here as one of your partners for a healthier pet life.

Cares to be carefree. Love and science is our paramount pursuit for all time, we strive to show our deep respect for love between people, across nations and beyond breeds. The humanity and care we have for lives and environment is what COUCOU all about since 2016 when it was established.

Core Science

Advanced low-temperature freeze-drying technology which preserve food nutrition to greatest extent. Advanced vacuum dehydro-freezing technology, locks in original favor and essence of fresh ingredients.

Superior Quality Ingredients

Formulated for the carnivorous nature of feline, and careful and selective towards food ingredients, cage free chicken and beef meet and wild-caught fishes fresh delivered from site.

Scientific Formulation

Balance series infused with 80% meat protein, 25% fruit and vegetable and 90% digestive protein, the product is formulated for sensitive gastrointestinal system and alimentary system of cats with the addition of calcium, phosphorus and various vitamins through our extensive scientific research and experimentation.

All Life Stages

40% high quality protein infused to meet extra demand for body growth, protecting weak gastrointestinal system of kittens. The products offer variety of nutrients needed for cats of all life stages.


To drive our community-focused mission in Indonesia, we have done extensive researches in regards to product compliance, nutritional demands of local pets and even social conventions. We deployed a distributing network of low energy consumption and a clean processing unit for disposables treatment. Furthermore, we are joining hands with local animal charity groups to rescue stray pets and shelter them from malnutrition and violence.


Core Members of Indonesia
Erwin S. Siregar
Head of Sales & Marketing