Pet COUCOU in Indonesia

Pet COUCOU in Indonesia

COUCOU, a brand from Germany with decades of experience and background of research in animal nutrition, aimed to provide pets around the world with better source of nutrition and balanced diet.

Originated in Nuremberg, the company was initially emerged as a research firm for food and nutrition,dedicated to the promotion and application of organic production before it entered into pet food industry in 2016.

With its strength in food sector, the company established an organic supply chain where raw ingredients are freshly handpicked and delivered from local farms and fisheries to production site through integrated cold chain. Besides that, a team of 68 veterinaries, nutritionists and pet experts are working relentlessly in the lab and field to develop optimal formula to meet diverse demands from customers worldwide.

Our first Balance® series is formulated for both kittens and adult cats, providing complete and balanced nutrition for body growth,healthy metabolism and carnivorous nature.

As having been our philosophy:

“We Prefer the Way Nature Intended”

Represents the most powerful resonance of all pet lovers